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Radiothon To End Child Abuse - Bemidji, MN



Nov. 22nd -  Dec. 5th 2018

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Dec. 6th - 7th 2018

It shouldn’t hurt to be a child!

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  • + What Is The KB101 / KZY / Z99 Radiothon To End Child Abuse?

    The Radiothon To End Child Abuse is a 24 hour education and action event broadcast on three Bemidji radio stations from Paul Bunyan Broadcasting:


    KB101-FM (101.1)

    KZY-FM (95.5)

    Z99-FM (99.1)


    Since its beginnings in 1987, the Radiothon has grown to include KIKV-FM (100.7) and Cool 94.3-FM in Alexandria, WJJY-FM (106.7), the Power Loon (107.5 FM), B93.3 FM, Cool 103.5 FM in Brainerd and KWAD/KNSP (920/1430 AM) and KKWS Superstation K-106 in Wadena. All stations are a part of the Omni Broadcasting Radiothon Network.


    Friends, neighbors, teachers, doctors...each of us has a role in ending child abuse. During the Radiothon, you will hear from knowledgeable community leaders about how we can strengthen families and help end child abuse and neglect. You will also learn what resources are available for children and families in your community.


    Listeners not only learn about child abuse and neglect - they also act! By making a pledge or bidding on a valuable Radiothon auction item, listeners can translate what they've learned into meaningful action to help end child abuse and neglect.

  • + When & How Does The Radiothon Begin?

    On Thursday, December 6th at 12:00 noon, KB101, KZY, and Z99, begin broadcasting from the Boys & Girls Club. During the eight hours of live broadcasting from the Boys & Girls Club, the community will have an opportunity to take part in activities, visit informational booths and enjoy the talents of local musicians and singers.


    In addition, officers from the Beltrami County Sheriff's Department will be providing a DNA sampling/Child ID clinic from approximately 2:00pm - 7:00pm.


    Morning show hosts from each station will handle the daunting task of on-air announcing for seven continuous hours before the Radiothon broadcasting ends (7:00 PM) and returns to the studios. Broadcasting live from 12 noon - 7:00 pm will be:

    • Todd Haugen and Larissa Donovan for KB101-FM
    • Tom Lucas and Kev Jackson for KZY-FM 95.5
    • Scott Williams for Z99-FM


    The broadcasting continues at the studios of Paul Bunyan Broadcasting, located at Fifth and Beltrami, downtown Bemidji, from 7:00 pm until its conclusion at 12 noon, Friday, December 7th.


    Volunteers from the community will staff phone lines to accept pledges and auction bids during the Radiothon.

    Pledge calls will always be accepted at the offices and studios of Paul Bunyan Broadcasting:

    (218) 444-1500

    Thursday, December 6th - 12 noon to 7:00pm.

    Pledges:  218-444-4000

    Auction:  218-444-4004

    Thursday, December 6th, 7:00pm thru Friday, December 7th, 6:00am.

    Pledges:  (218) 444-1500

    Friday, December 7th, 6:00am - 12 noon.

    All Pledges:  (218) 444-1500

    KB101 Auction:  (218) 444-1011 Toll Free: 1-888-77KB101

    KZY 95.5 Auction:  (218) 444-4955 Toll Free: 1-888-729-1955

    Z99 Auction: 444-ROCK or 444-ROLL Toll Free: 1-866-309-ROCK


  • + What Are The Goals Of The Radiothon?

    The goals of the Radiothon are to:

    1. Raise awareness on the issue of child abuse & local resources available to the community.

    2. Raise money for local child abuse prevention councils & agencies:

    • Beltrami County Child And Parent Connection
    • Cass County / Leech Lake Reservation Children's Initiative
    • Clearwater County Child Abuse Prevention Council
    • Hubbard County Child Abuse Prevention Council


    These Initiatives consist of parents, community members and professionals who believe that prevention is the key to ending child abuse and neglect. Through parent support and community education, these councils help create a nurturing, safe community for children & their families.


    Prevent Child Abuse Minnesota (PCAMN), also receives funds from the Radiothon. The mission of PCAMN, an affiliate of Prevent Child Abuse America, is to prevent child abuse and neglect by promoting positive parenting, healthy families and homes where children are valued & loved. This is accomplished by building community solutions though training, education and technical assistance, community resources, and advocacy. They also provide a state wide toll free information / resource / support phone hotline number :  1-800-CHILDREN


  • + How Are The Radiothon Funds Used?

    When a pledge is received during the Radiothon, callers can designate if they want their donation earmarked for one of four counties (Beltrami, Cass, Clearwater, or Hubbard) or their donation can be shared equally by all four:

    • Beltrami County Child And Parent Connection
    • Clearwater County Child Abuse Prevention Council
    • Hubbard County Child Abuse Prevention Council
    • Cass County / Leech Lake Reservation Children's Initiative


    Prevent Child Abuse Minnesota (PCAMN) also shares in the money raised.


    All monies raised remain in Minnesota, with the majority remaining in our local areas.


    Each agency must follow established criteria for using the funds to ensure the money will be used in an appropriate manner to help end child abuse and neglect and help nurture families and children.


    The Child Abuse Prevention Councils / Agencies shown above consist of parents, community members, and professionals who believe that prevention is the key. Through parent support and community education, these Councils help to create nurturing, safe communities for children and families.


    The agencies above build parent & community solutions to ending child abuse and neglect through parenting support groups, children's programming, training, technical assistance, resources, and advocacy.


  • + How Can Listeners & The Community Become Involved In The Radiothon?

    Listeners and the community have an opportunity to participate in & support the Radiothon by:


    1. Making a pledge during the 24 hour event & encouraging their families, friends and co-workers to do the same.


    2. Bidding on the valuable auction items available during the Radiothon. (These items often make perfect holiday gifts!)

    • Web Auction - View available auction items and place a bid online. Begins Monday, November 27th and goes until10pm on Wednesday, December 6th.
    • On-Air Auction  -  Auction items can only be bid on during the live Radiothon broadcast only, which begins at noon December 7th & ends at noon on December 8th.


    3. Volunteering their time to help before, during and after the Radiothon. While most volunteer positions are filled by those who have volunteered previously, there is always a possibility that help will be needed. Call Kris Jacobson at (218) 444-1500 for more information.


    4. Businesses can offer to donate auction items for the Radiothon. Suggested minimum value is $100.00 or more. For more information, call (218) 444-1500.


    5. Organize fund-raising events at your workplace prior to the Radiothon. Oftentimes, a group effort can raise a large amount of money for the Radiothon.


  • + What Is Child Abuse & Neglect And How Can I Help Prevent It?


    Physical Abuse includes beating, burning, biting, strangulation, and other violent actions that cause bodily harm.


    Sexual Abuse is the use of a child for the sexual gratification of an adult. Rape, molestation, and incest are sexual abuse.


    Emotional Abuse includes repeated and irrational criticism, insults, humiliation, and rejection.


    Neglect is the failure to provide the basic physical needs of a child, including food, shelter, clothing, and medical care.



    Broken bones, bruises, burns, and other physical scars are the visible effects of child abuse. But abuse and neglect harm more than the body. Abused children suffer emotionally, too. They can become addicted to drugs and alcohol or get in trouble with the law. In fact, a staggering number of criminals, prostitutes, and drug addicts were victims of child abuse. The crippling effects of abuse and neglect can linger long into adulthood, maybe even forever.



    Yes. Child abuse happens everywhere. It's a problem in big cities and small towns. Abuse and neglect cross all economic, social, religious, ethnic, and racial boundaries. Child abusers can be your friends, neighbors or relatives.



    No. Abused children are usually victims of repeated instances of violence, fear, and pain. Sometimes the abusive behavior may last for a few months. In other cases it may continue for years. And the longer the abuse goes on, the more harm it does to the child.



    Abusers aren’t always monsters. Most often, they’re ordinary people caught in stressful situations. They’re young mothers and fathers who are unprepared for the responsibilities of raising a child. They’re single parents overwhelmed by the double demands of earning a living and caring for their children. They’re normal people who need help - before they lash out at children in anger or frustration.


    There are many reasons why some people have difficulty coping with the demands of parenthood. Child abuse and neglect occur in all segments of our society, but the risk is greater when parents are dealing with situations such as:

    • Economic, housing or personal problems
    • Isolation from family and community
    • Difficulty controlling anger or stress
    • Physical or mental health issues
    • Alcohol or drug abuse
    • Lack of interest in the care, nourishment or safety of their children


    By helping parents who might be struggling with any of these challenges, you reduce the liklihood that their children will be abused or neglected. Reach out to the children, too, and show them you care.


    Anything you do to support parents and children can help reduce the stress that can lead to abuse & neglect.



    Abused children are six times more likely to become abusive parents than children who aren’t abused. Like their mothers and fathers, they turn to violence and fear to discipline their children. They ignore or don’t understand the basic physical and emotional needs of their children. And chances are that this terrible legacy of abuse and neglect will continue for many generations if the problem is left untreated.



    Ending child abuse and neglect is a complex challenge. No one comes to the task of parenting with ready-made knowledge and skills. Furthermore, parents who were victims of violence or neglect as children must find a way to break the cycle of abuse.


    Prevention is the best way to end abuse and neglect - now and in the future. By stopping the abuse before it ever happens, we are protecting today’s children from the pain and fear of abuse. And we are breaking the cycle of abuse before another generation of youngsters suffers.


    Prevention works. Support family strengthening programs in your community; the results last a lifetime.


    It shouldn't hurt to be a child...

    that's why we're working to stop the pain and fear of abuse - before it ever happens.


    Your support of the KB101/KZY/Z99 Radiothon To End Child Abuse will help us keep children safe from harm.


    Working together we CAN make a difference.

  • + What Should You Do If You Suspect Child Abuse Has Occurred?

    If you suspect child abuse or neglect, call your local child protective services. Tell the worker about your concerns.


    You can also help build a safety net of support and care for an abused or neglected child and his/her family by:

    • Contacting the child's school counselor. Ask him/her to pay attention to the child and to watch for any warning signs of abuse/neglect.
    • Calling the family's faith community. Ask them to reach out to the family and offer support and assistance.
    • Being a good neighbor. Offer to baby-sit for the parent(s). Be kind and caring to the neighborhood children, especially those you think might be abused or neglected at home.
    • Calling law enforcement if you suspect a child is in imminent danger.
    • Volunteering to prevent abuse in your community. Become involved with agencies working with families. Refer to the County Resource Pages of this website for more information.