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  • BELTRAMI COUNTY CHILD and Parent Connection


    The Mission Statement of the Beltrami County Child and Parent Connection (CAPC) reflects the common purpose of its membership:  To support positive parenting in order to promote a safe, healthy, and nurturing environment for all children in Beltrami County.


    The Beltrami CAPC approaches child abuse prevention through awareness, education, and investment in quality programs that promote and support healthy family systems.


    Education and awareness activities have included presentations and dissemination of positive parenting literature at community events and high traffic locations that are family friendly.


    Beltrami County has a variety of family support services available in the area.  The Beltrami CAPC recognizes those quality resources and pledges support to maintain them through small grant awards made possible by Radiothon funds.  This past year, Radiothon pledges supported visits by professionals from the local sexual assault program (Support within Reach) to area schools.  In order to enable long term effects from this work; Support Within Reach researched existing and potential outreach resources designed to "train the trainer" so that schools could maintain this safety effort with or without the oversite of Support Within Reach staff. Northwoods Caregivers provided 80 safe exchanges and 112 supervised visits for families; enabling chlldren to maintain a relationship with their noncustodial parent during times of family separation.  Visits range from 1 to 3 hours each and served 27 families.  Community Resource Connections (CRC) distributed 500 resource directories outlining prevention and intervention services available in the region.  As well, CRC served 1,327 unduplicated clients from Beltrami County, making 3,236 referrals/connections to 120 area services.  Evergreen Youth and Family Services provided parenting education for pregnant and parenting youth ages 16-21; serving 32 unduplicated youth and benefiting 42 infants and toddlers as well as 5 Fathers.  Northwoods Coalition for Family Safety provided mental health services to 44 staff, 128 adult contacts and 76 children during the past year; assisting all levels of care providers with the support needed to serve this high risk population.


    In addition to the support services noted above; Beltrami CAPC members coordinated over 100 local, adult and youth volunteers in the making of "Tummy Time Blankets" for new born babies at the local Sanford Hospital.  150 Blankets were supplied to the hospital in April, 2015 and each included information about the importance of playing with newborns to strengthen neck muscles and reduce head injuries. Outreach and Education work accomplished by the Beltrami CAPC included CAPC members being present at the:  annual Evergreen Conference, Tiny Tots Expo, Kelliher Health Fair, Red Lake Health Fair, and Beltrami County Fair.  At each of these events informational materials were made available to parents.


    On behalf of all of the children affected by the investment of Radiothon Funds “Thank You” for supporting the Annual Radiothon to End Child Abuse.



    Ruth Sherman

    Community Resource Connections




    In 1987, Cass County established a Child Abuse Prevention Council (CAPC) with a dual purpose to:

    • Develop programs to reduce the incidence of child abuse in Cass County

    • Promote the healthy development of children and families

    In 1995, the CAPC merged with the Cass County/Leech Lake Reservation Children's Initiative. The mission of the Cass County/Leech Lake Reservation Children's Initiative is to assist communities in building strong families. The Children's Initiative supports three Family Centers and the Family Safety Network within Cass County which serve to promote community-based programming for families in the areas of healthy development and the prevention of child abuse and other forms of violence. The Family Safety Network and the Family Centers are working to expand resources available to parents such as support groups, classes, activities, educational materials, and access to needed services.


    Radiothon donations support programming in the county, as well as programs through family centers, Leech Lake Reservation Social Services, and Cass County Social Services in each of these communities.


    A heartfelt "Thank You" for your support of the

    Annual KB101/KZY FM 95.5/Z99 Radiothon to End Child Abuse.

    Barb Mann

    Cass County/Leech Lake Reservation Children's Initiative

    c/o Pine River-Backus School District

    P.O. Box 610

    Pine River, MN 56474


    Local Family Centers:

    Chris Swenson

    Family Safety Network in Walker




    The Clearwater County Child Abuse Prevention Council (CAPC) is part of a statewide network developed by the Children's Trust Fund. This network includes community members and representatives of various agencies who are concerned with the prevention of child maltreatment. Agencies represented include social services, law enforcement, public health, mental health, education, crisis center, and extension services.


    Clearwater County CAPC is pleased to participate in the Annual KB101/KZY FM 95.5/Z99/Classic Hits 104.5 Radiothon to End Child Abuse. The CAPC is a subgroup of the Clearwater County Citizens for a Violence Free Community (CCCVC), a volunteer group of community leaders and active citizens committed to reducing violence in our schools and community. Organized in 1993, CCCVC worked with the Blandin Foundation's Pathways to Peace and Safety program, promoting peaceful alternatives to violence and facilitating avenues of communication between the school districts and governmental agencies within the criminal justice system. The organization continues to address the concerns of violence by anually sponsoring a wide variety of educational & motivational events, programs, workshops, and presentations to students and the community-at-large.


    Radiothon funds are also used to support education and services directed at families and young children, such as county-wide parenting presentations, teen/young parent support groups and home visits, WIC Clinic parent education and outreach, and parent resource materials. Radiothon funds continue to support the Family Crisis Center and the Kids Konnection, a safe exchange and supervised parenting time program. The CAPC continues to identify a need for more parenting resources, to reach youth and  adults with awareness of and alternative methods for resolving conflicts and establishing positive relationships, and to create a community environment of zero tolerance of violence of all kinds, but particularly against women & children.


    "Thank you" to all for support of the Clearwater County Child Abuse Prevention Council activities. With your help, we can make Minnesota, and especially Clearwater County, a safer place for children and families to live and grow.


    Keith Gebhardt

    Community Education Director

    Bagley Public Schools

    202 Bagley NW

    Bagley, MN 56621




    The Hubbard County Child Abuse Prevention Council is made up of a group of community-based, parent led and volunteer citizens whose main goal is to reduce the number of child abuse and neglect instances in Hubbard County. It is the vision of our organization to continue to work with and support programs that directly impact children and families that are in need of support and strengthen the families in our community.


    This past year, our Hubbard County CAPC group was able to support services directed at families and young children through Parent Support Groups, Kinship, Preschool/Early Childhood events and recently we purchased the Hubbard County Forensic team "Teach-a-Bodies" dolls for conducting forensic interviews.  This is all made possible by the money raised through the Radiothon.  Without the support of the Radiothon we would not be able to maintain funding to these programs and implement new programs to better the lives of families.


    We are all proud to be part of this great volunteer group.  Working together, we can better assure that our children will live in a safe, healthy, peaceful and nurturing community.  New members are always encouraged to join our organization.  Please contact me if you are ever interested in becoming a member of our organization.


    Thank you to all who support the Annual KB101/KZY/Z99 Radiothon to End Child Abuse.

    Sheila Ronnebaum, Chair

    Hubbard County Child Abuse Prevention Council

    PO Box 564

    Park Rapids, MN 56470-0564




    Prevent Child Abuse Minnesota (PCAMN at is the only statewide nonprofit dedicated totally to preventing all types of child abuse and neglect by promoting positive parenting, healthy families, and supportive communities where children are respected and valued. We serve nearly 1,852 people from across Minnesota through Circle of Parents and help hundreds of organizations and communities to build stronger systems for preventing child abuse and neglect.


    Circle of Parents is a cornerstone of PCAMN's efforts. Community-based, parent led and volunteer driven, we use an innovative & results-focused national model focused on mutual self-help, empowering parents and facilitating local community solutions to child abuse and neglect. All programming is designed to build on existing family strengths and to preserve important family bonds. Two Circle of Parents Coordinators serve the Radiothon listening area: Roxy Foster ( in NE Minnesota, and Mary Weaver ( in NW Minnesota.


    PCAMN has been Minnesota's accredited chapter of Prevent Child Abuse America since 1998 ( Prevent Child Abuse America works to raise the general publics awareness of the prevention of child abuse and neglect and promotes services designed to support families in raising healthy, resilient children. Through our prevention work, we collaborate closely with Child Abuse Prevention Councils throughout the state, and this year, we presented the Pinwheels for Prevention Award to Todd and Grant counties in the Radiothon area.


    Prevent Child Abuse Minnesota provides free resource materials, statewide videoconferences, speakers, and events designed to promote prevention in virtually every county in Minnesota.

    We also provide a toll-free helpline, 1-800-CHILDREN


    Other numbers:

    Child Abuse Hotline 1-800-422-0879

    Crisis Connection (612) 379-6363

In Bemidji, the Radiothon To End Child Abuse is a joint effort of our stations and Radiothon Partners to bring awareness and massive fundraising efforts to help end child abuse and neglect across our listening area of Beltrami, Cass, Clearwater and Hubbard counties.


100% of funds raised are used by our Partner Programs to give families and children the resources they need for a happier tomorrow.


This effort cannot be without the support of our communities and we are undoubtedly grateful for the generous donations, pledges and support from businesses and you, our listeners - Thank You!

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